Toy Handyman Services is a trusted local home maintenance provider in Bucks and Montgomery Counties. We turn your “honey do” list into a “handy do” list so that it gets done – professionally, timely, and correctly.

We can do just about anything within or attached to the 4 walls of your home. If your project is something we don’t do, we’ll tell you immediately at our assessment and provide a referral. We are known for being honest, reliable, and highly communicative.

Toy is our name, but we won’t ever toy with:

      • Your time
      • Your money
      • Your expectations
      • Your property

We’re as tired as you are of contractors who never show up, change prices in the middle of the job, commit to jobs above their qualifications, and don’t take pride in their work. We decided to be the opposite of all that, and our customers notice the difference.

The Toy Handyman Service philosophy is to respect our clients in every possible way. This means we:

      • Tell you upfront if we can handle your project and when we can start
      • Give you a good faith estimate within 48 hours of our assessment
        • If your project takes a turn, we’ll immediately stop the work and give you a new estimate so that you can make an informed decision
      • Provide a detailed description of the project and keep you informed of our progress while we are working for you
      • Clean the work site before we get started, clean up every time we leave your property, work in as clean a manner as possible, and clean up when we are finished

Schedule an assessment with a handyman service that will never toy with your emotions.

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