Our handyman technicians understand how busy life can be. With so many things that need maintenance in your home, it’s important to have a team you can trust to help you tackle all of your projects or problems. As a customer-focused solution provider, we’re dedicated to redefining the home improvement service experience for homeowners and commercial property owners.


We are proud to help our commercial customers by delivering professional, reliable maintenance, repairs, and other improvements.

Home Remodeling

Whether your home needs minor renovations or major remodeling, We can help you bring your ideas to life. Remodeling projects offer a wide range of opportunities for you to make the changes you’ve been dreaming about.

Services we perform in Montgomery and Bucks Counties


Your home project list most likely has several of the following:

  • Big projects that require professional trade skills in plumbing, electrical, or carpentry
  • Small projects that you don’t have time to complete
  • Weird projects that you don’t have the materials, tools, or knowledge to address
  • Repairs, replacements, or upgrades that you’re not sure you can start and finish on your own
  • Projects of all sizes that you just can’t get around to starting

Usually, once you finally tackle one of the more manageable projects, you find that the list has grown even longer. Keeping up with home maintenance can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be! Rather than searching the internet and local social media groups for contractors that can only handle one project at a time, contact your local trusted handyman service that does it all. Yes, even the kitchen sink (and the bathroom sink, and the laundry room sink).

We handle a number of home projects, from basic tasks to skilled trades, and we make it extremely simple upfront for you to make an informed decision. We will assess your project in person, tell you immediately if it’s a project we don’t do, provide an estimate within 48 hours, and get to work on the agreed start date.

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Small business owners are busy enough. You don’t need to add managing maintenance and building repair needs to your task list. Outsource your handyman projects to a likeminded local small business who understands exactly what your average day is like. We will be your trusted contact for repairs, replacements, maintenance projects, décor updates, office furniture assembly, plumbing and electrical needs, and drywall or flooring updates. We will never waste your time, we’ll always be upfront about pricing and timelines, and we’ll make sure your business keeps looking its best during and after our work.

What’s on your maintenance punch list? We can handle most commercial property projects:

  • Change lightbulbs and hang artwork or signage
  • Assemble furniture and reconfigure floorplans
  • Lay and repair flooring, backsplashes, and tile
  • Repair and replace doors, windows, trim, and drywall
  • Address plumbing fixture and leak repairs
  • Install fans, audio & visual equipment, and lighting fixtures

Whether your commercial property needs general maintenance, several projects, or skilled repairs, Toy Handyman Services is the only call you need to make.

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Home Remodeling

Have a project that requires more than a handyman? We do renovations and remodeling projects, too! Large projects like kitchen, bathroom, and basement remodels require a project manager who is knowledgeable in both the trades and local codes. Toy Handyman Services has a reputable background in home remodeling. Add that to our home maintenance knowledge, and you get the benefit of a functional, beautifully remodeled space that is designed to last. 

Just like our handyman services, we’ll never toy with your time, money, expectations, or property. We will provide an estimate and timeline upfront, communicate with you throughout the project, and respect your property at all times. We know that your experience during the remodeling process is crucial to how you feel about the completed project. We will always keep you informed, and we’ll always have a solution ready for every challenge.

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General Services

We can take care of almost any installation, maintenance, or repair within or attached to your 4 walls. If we don’t do that type of job, we’ll tell you right away and refer you to a trusted contact. If you’re wondering if we can do your project, just ask! This is a high-level overview to give you an idea of the kinds of work we normally handle, but there’s so much more we can do:

  • Plumbing – fix leaks, replace fixtures, and perform minor repairs
  • Electrical – repair minor wiring, install and mount TVs and sound bars, and install light fixtures and ceiling fans
  • Furniture – assemble furniture, install built-in fixtures, install accessibility fixtures, and install accessories
  • Décor – hang artwork and picture frames, install artwork displays, and hang signs and whiteboards
  • Flooring – repair and install flooring, install tile and backsplashes, repair tile, and update grout
  • Doors and Windows – repair and install doors and windows, replace hardware, repair or replace trim, hang treatments, and apply weatherstripping
  • Painting and Drywall – perform small spackling and paint repairs, replace drywall, power wash exteriors, repair ceilings, and paint cabinets
  • Carpentry – install and repair cabinets, install crown molding, repair decks and fences, and repair banisters and railings

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